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About Class C Ip Checker

Classifications A and B are allocated to extremely big and medium-sized enterprises, respectively. Class C addresses are the most commonly issued to small businesses and are the most commonly utilized IP addresses. Small and mid-sized internet service providers purchase a pool of class C IP addresses and allocate them to their customers. Internet service providers assign dynamic (shared) IP addresses to their customers. Because they are shared, they are inexpensive and more popular. Second, those who are assigned IP addresses do not use them continually. As a result, when a user registers or when there is no activity on a website, their IP addresses are sent to other users and websites. 

C-class dynamic IP addresses are advantageous because of their low cost and appropriateness for websites and persons who do not regularly access the internet. If you share WiFi in your house with five other people, you will be issued a dynamic address, and while you are not connected to the internet, your address will be allocated to a new user who just signs in. You will be assigned a new IP address when you reconnect to the internet. This IP address will be assigned from your internet service provider's available pool of class C IP address ranges.