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About Get Source Code of Webpage

The source code is the program that powers any website or piece of software. In the case of websites, this code may be seen by anybody using a variety of technologies, including your web browser. 

The source code of a website is vital for resolving most issues with it. You may also inspect the source code of any webpage to discover how it works for educational purposes. However, unless specifically permitted, it is suggested not to duplicate the code for your own website, since this may violate the developer's or website owner's copyright.

In most circumstances, you may read the source code of any website by clicking on the location bar of your browser and entering view-source: followed by the complete URL of the page (e.g. view-source: This is not always achievable, particularly on mobile devices.

This website's tool overcomes this difficulty by allowing you to examine the formatted version of any website's source code. Simply copy and paste the site's URL above. Then select "View source." Another advantage is that you can read pages that are prohibited in your country or by your ISP. We ask that you only use this tool for lawful purposes.

When performing search engine optimization, or SEO, the page source is also highly valuable. A search engine only reads the source code of a website. Even if your website appears to be excellent to you, it may not meet the requirements necessary by a search engine crawler. Make it a practice to go over the code, paying careful attention to the crucial header elements such as title and description.